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Traditional Ugadi Recipes by Golden Bansi Products

Ugadi is the most important celebration of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. This day denotes the start of a New Year and people believe that lord himself had begun the Kali Yuga on this day. The word Adi implies starting and Ugadi is hence, celebrated with incredible bliss and fervor to invite a fresh start. As indicated by the Hindu calendar, Ugadi is celebrated in the month of Chaitra. It denotes the beginning of spring and this auspicious day falls in the period of March-April. This year Ugadi is celebrated on 25th March 2020. 


On this special day, friends and families get together to perform different rituals of Ugadi. People decorate their homes and draw kolamulus, which are referred to as the beautiful examples drawn on the floors. Everybody likes to get ready in the morning with new clothes to welcome their dear ones. They believe that the first day of this celebration ought to be praised by spreading joy. Here’s a compilation of the delicious Ugadi celebration south Indian dishes you can prepare at home by using Golden Bansi products…

  1. Kesari Bath


It is the famous south Indian dessert. It is being prepared with sooji, Rava Kesari, sugar, and ghee. Most people make this for Navratri pooja as prasadam. Click the link to view the recipes..!


  1. Rava laddoo


Rava Laddoo is another awesome flavorful south Indian dessert and it tastes completely tasty. This dish is prepared from Bansi Rava/sooji or semolina, ghee, milk, sugar, cardamom, and dry fruits. 


  1. Rava Payasam


It’s a very simple, tasty, rich & creamy south Indian dessert prepared with milk, sooji/semolina/Rava, nuts and cardamom. This kheer is quick and easy to make on any festive occasion.


These are the famous South Indian desserts that are perfect for any festive occasion. Try to make these at your home for your loved ones by using Golden Bansi 100 percent natural & pure products like Kesari Rava, Sooji, Semolina, and others. 

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