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Start Your Day with Healthy Broken Wheat Meals

The most important meal of the day is Breakfast. It awards our body with the required energy for the whole day, so it is vital to have healthy nutritious food for breakfast. Considering the factors its ideal to start your day with healthy broken wheat meals. Broken wheat also known as Daliya is renowned for wholesomeness. This is highly nutritious. Broken wheat upma is the profound breakfast of south Indian dishes. However, most people avoid upma because of their husky taste. But if we choose the best quality broken wheat and cook it with the touch of spices and vegetables, you'll have the healthiest breakfast in the tasty way you love.


The amazing benefits of Broken wheat upma/Dalia will make you add it to your breakfast list.

• Upma digests slowly and keeps you satiated for a long time making you eat less and prevents you from snacking, thus helping you to keep your weight on check.

• A plate of upma is filled with fiber, vitamins, and other healthy fats which makes you maintain a healthy diet.

• This is also rich in iron which is essential for our body. It can also prevent amnesia as it is rich in iron content.

• Upma is made of Rava which is high in potassium content. Consuming potassium-rich food is good for kidneys and thus having a bowl of upma will help in working of kidneys in ease.

• Having upma for breakfast is the easiest way to pack your day with nutrients.


If you are bored by the regular upma you can always make it palatable in different ways

• Try adding different varieties of vegetables in your daliya/upma, it enhances the taste as long as increases nutrient values.

• You can always experiment by adding nuts, try nuts like cashews and peanuts. you can also be experimental with pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds.

• One can never go wrong with herbs, add herbs like cilantro, oregano, mint, parsley we leave it to your choice.

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