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Know How You can Use Semolina in Different Recipes

Did you ever notice a yellow-colored coarse flour by the side of the all-purpose flour in your pantry? Did you wonder what it is? It is semolina. Semolina is made by pounding durum wheat, it is light golden with an earthy aroma and nutty taste. Semolina is also known as Kesari rava, sooji, or cream of wheat, it is loaded with complex carbs, fiber, protein, and iron. It is also rich in vitamin B complex, fiber, and many nutrients. Fascinating right? Due to its high nutritional value, including semolina in your diet is considered healthy. It promotes weight loss, controls blood sugar, keeps your heart healthy, and improves your immune system. In this article, we will focus on some ways we can add semolina into recipes.

Semolina is added in numerous south Indian cuisines like upma, halwa, Kesari bath, dosa, idli, and many more. Now, we will learn a few unusual ways of adding semolina into our recipes.



Upma is one of the most common breakfasts of south Indian cuisines. It is popular all over India. We can make healthy and tasty upma by using Kesari rava, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Though it is considered breakfast, it makes the best tea time snack.



Pancakes are popular crepes from America. They make the perfect and easy breakfast. We can even make pancakes aby using semolina. You can make sweet and savory pancakes according to your taste. All you need is semolina soaked for 30 minutes and curd. To this base mixture of semolina and curd, add vegetables and other condiments for savory pancakes. Add sugar and vanilla extract for pleasing your sweet tooth.



Sooji halwa is the authentic sweet delicacy of India. It is just made of three ingredients: semolina, ghee, and jaggery. You can always substitute jaggery for sugar. Though it is specially made for auspicious occasions and festivals, it makes a perfect mid-night dessert.



Semolina is one of the key ingredients in making baking goods. It is specially used in making cakes, cookies, and patties. The semolina in these recipes gives them a soft and fluffy texture. You can experiment by adding flavors, fruits, and nuts.


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