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Know About Broken Wheat and Its Health Benefits

Broken wheat is also known as Lapsi, Bulgar wheat, Cracked wheat, and Daliya. It is golden yellow and made from whole raw wheat grains that are bruised or crush into smaller pieces. Wheat is cleaned and crusted and then transformed to the necessary size. Broken wheat is very nutritious because it doesn't undergo refinement and such wheat has numerous uses, especially as a dietary supplement. Broken wheat has an exceptionally healthy, warm fragrance and a grainy, wonderful taste when cooked.

Broken wheat may be ground in three sizes:

Fine Sized Broken Wheat - Small crushed wheat kernels have a fine and firm texture. They are commonly used to prepare sweet lapsi with milk or broken wheat kheer.


Medium Sized Broken Wheat - This size of broken wheat kernels are commonly used for making delicious upma or savoury daliya.


Large Sized Broken Wheat - This size of broken wheat has a hard texture and can be used as Cereals, in salads and stuffing. This wheat shortens the cooking time and increases the flavor but still preserves the fiber-rich bran and wheat layers.


DALIYA (Cooked Broken Wheat)

Daliya is a famous North Indian breakfast cereal that is made with whole wheat grits or broken wheat. It is a one-pot meal full of nutrition, fiber and low in calories. An ideal choice for all those who are looking for a healthy nutritious breakfast or dessert.

For the delicious Daliya recipe, click here.




1. It is used to make Tabbouleh salad which is very famous in Middle Eastern cuisine.

2. Many kheer and sweet dishes such as lapsi are prepared using broken wheat in India.

3. In India, broken wheat upma is yet another popular breakfast. The delicious preparation is just similar to Rawa upma with some fresh vegetables.

4. Broken Wheat Kheer which is prepared with coconut milk and jaggery is a festive subtlety in South India.

5. It can be used in cereal pulao, pancakes, and multi-grain bread.

6. It can also be used to make a soft-cooked bath with vegetables, lentils, peanuts and tamarind pulp or lemon juice.




1. Broken wheat is rich in fiber. It provides 1.3g of fiber which is high as compared to wheat. This high fiber can stop those unwanted spikes of blood sugar levels that are said to be unsafe for people diagnosed with diabetes.

2. Half cup of broken wheat daliya fulfilled about 1/5th of your daily requirement of iron (3.7 mg), working towards maintaining the count of broken wheat hemoglobin. A good level of iron store in the body will always ensure to overcome anemia as well as to overcome and/or avoid symptoms such as fatigue and weakness, as it helps in a smooth supply of oxygen and nutrients in all parts of the body.

3. Apart from nuts and leafy vegetables, broken wheat daliya is also a very good source of magnesium which helps to maintain a regular heartbeat. High fiber further assists in controlling the cholesterol levels too, thus reducing the risk of strokes.

There are more benefits that broken wheat holds. So, it's important to buy broken wheat from a well known durum wheat manufacturer Shree Kailash Grain Mills Pvt. Ltd. You will get high and finest quality of broken wheat which are safe, healthy to use and will increase your immune system and will be benefit for you and your family overall general health.

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