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Is Sooji, Semolina, Rava Healthy

Semolina is generally known as sooji, rava which is the main ingredient of many south Indian dishes like rava idli, upma, sheera, and many more others. In reality this is a coarsely ground form of wheat. This semolina often makes its appearance in many items like pastas, bread, some breakfast cereals and baked goodies.

Health mindful people have numerous questions about Durum Wheat Semolina. What amount of semolina should we take to eat each day? Are there any side effects of semolina? Is durum wheat semolina healthy? What calorie levels and different supplements in semolina? What is the historical backdrop of durum wheat semolina? And many more!

You will get all the answers of these questions right here.

Semolina is flour produced using durum wheat. Durum wheat is the second most wheat produced worldwide after the common wheat. Yet, it is a lot smaller production compared with common wheat production. The essential use of durum wheat is the manufacturing of semolina. The fact of the matter is, this is how durum differs from other wheat. The endosperm part of the durum wheat is extremely hard. It doesn’t break into fine flour at grinding yet finishes in grains. That is the way it got the Italian name Semola.

Healthy Benefits of Semolina:

  1. Eases Digestion
  2. It is rich in Iron.
  3. It helps in Diabetes to control Blood Sugar Levels.
  4. Reduce Risks of Cardiovascular Disease.
  5. Weight Loss.

Uses of Semolina:

You can use the semolina in making of pasta, spaghetti, savory dishes like: rava idli, upma, Sweet dishes like Suji Halwa, sheera, use it with chocolate squares to make breakfast and many more.

Semolina contains many nutrient elements like vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and iron which are very helpful for our body. It’s very important to choose the right semolina. That’s why Shree Kailash Grain Mills brings 100 percent natural and pure Golden Bansi durum wheat semolina. Our products are untouched by hand and checks at all levels to meet world-class standards of quality, durability and consistency, without compromising on taste.

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