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What is Broken Wheat? Uses, and It's Benefits

Broken wheat, also called cracked wheat or bulgar wheat gets its name from the process used to create it. Broken wheat is made by milling whole raw wheat grain coarsely, wheat is cleaned and husked and then cut into desired sizes however the wheat kernels are steamed and toasted before cracking so that they can develop a rich nutty flavor.

It may be broken into coarse, medium, and fine kernels for a different purpose.

It requires minimal cooking as it is partially cooked when it is cooked it has a hearty warm aroma and an interesting grainy taste. It is scantily grainy and chewy.



Broken wheat is highly nutritious and doesn't undergo refining; they have a large number of uses such as dietary supplements and many more.

* They are widely used in soups and stuffing vegetables.

*Many use it as a staple food along with the serving of meat or vegetables.

*It is also used in multigrain bread and pancakes.

*In Middle Eastern cuisine Tabbouleh salad made of broken wheat is very prominent

*In South India broken wheat kheer made with milk and jaggery is a festival dainty.

*The popular Indian breakfast/snack upma is also made by broken wheat.

*The broken wheat is also fed to babies in some areas.

*Broken wheat malt is believed to reduce some inches around the tummy.




* Broken wheat provides valuable amounts of fiber, it contributes to nearly a quarter of women's and a sixth of men's daily fiber need.

*It improves the digestive function and bowel health.

*Broken wheat lowers the levels of bad cholesterol and keep your blood sugar levels in a healthy place.

*It is very much high in proteins and less in fat, which makes it better than meat.

*In a study published in The British Medical Journal in 2016 the researchers analyzed that grains such as broken wheat significantly reduces the risk the serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and even respiratory diseases and diabetes.

*They are full of antioxidants, iron and vitamin B.

*As it is slowly digested it is also absorbed slowly into the bloodstream and therefore is safe for diabetics.

*Broken wheat has really good satiety value and keeps you full for a longer period.

*Broken wheat is also considered good for muscle health.

*It provides energy for longer periods thus making you feel fresh throughout the day.


Considering all the pros of broken wheat it would be very beneficial if we include it in our diet.

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