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Interesting and Healthy Broken Wheat Daliya Recipes - Golden Bansi

Broken wheat, also known as cracked wheat, Daliya, Bulgar, Lapsi, Bulgur, etc. is made by milling whole wheat grains. It is high in fiber, low in calories, and very good for weight loss, thus containing all the benefits of wheat flour. 

Broken wheat daliya can be used for making several deliciou…

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Health Benefits of Broken Wheat Daliya - Golden Bansi

For ages, Daliya has been a part of the rich Indian food. Daliya is made from raw wheat kernels that are crushed and known as broken wheat or cracked wheat. It is full of nutrition and easy to digest. It is mostly used to make porridge and is loaded with iron, fiber, and complex carbohydrates, howev…

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What is Durum Wheat and its Benefits - Golden Bansi

Durum is a Latin word that means “hard”, and by hard, it means it has more quantity of resistant starch. It is not only rich in proteins but it also contains various minerals and vitamins essential for the human diet.

It is also known as pasta wheat and macaroni wheat. Durum wheat is exclusivel…

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How to Cook Soft Rava Idli |Idli Recipe | Golden Bansi

Rava Idli is a traditional breakfast originated from Karnataka hotels. It is one of the most prominent South Indian dishes. It is a slight variation of traditional Idli made from Idli rava. Rava Idli is a form of a steamed cake made with a batter of sooji, curd, and some extra spices. Rava used in m…

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What is Semolina and its Benefits – Golden Bansi

Semolina is in reality only a kind of flour made from durum wheat. Your preferred baking flours are crafted from what's called not un usual place wheat, which makes up round 80% or greater of the whole world’s wheat harvest. Semolina, on the opposite hand, is made from a species of wheat called “d…

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How to Keep Yourself Healthy in this Pandemic? – Golden Bansi

Manage your Physical and Mental Health and Boost Your Well-Being and Happiness in this Pandemic. Times are tough but Health should be the utmost priority.

Here are some simple tips to keep yourself Happy and Healthy

  1.      PHYSICAL HEALTH - Meditate, eat well-balanced meals, take deep breat…

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Why Golden Bansi is different from other Durum Wheat Manufacturers?

How the Business Started

Established in 1991 and based in India’s Durum Wheat bowl – Madhya Pradesh; Shree Kailash Grain Mills is one of India’s leading Durum Wheat Products Manufacturer and has a statuesque presence in domestic as well as international Durum Wheat product markets.


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What are the Benefits of Eating Durum Wheat?

Durum wheat is one of the hardest of all types of wheat. By hard, it means, it contains a lot of amount of resistant starch. The word ‘Durum’ itself is derived from a Latin word that means ‘hard’.

Durum kernels are amber-colored and larger than those other wheat classes. Durum wheat is…

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Why Durum Wheat is Better Than Other Variety of Wheat?

Durum wheat is one of the most popular varieties of wheat in terms of consumption and cultivation after common wheat.

Though Durum wheat is not different from other varieties of wheat, but the consumption level of durum wheat is higher than others. Can you guess what the reason behind this is??

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Sweet Recipes You Will Try Using Golden Bansi Kesari Rava

Rava is semolina, and kesari specify to the orange color of any sweet. Kesari likewise refers to the saffron used in this flavorful sweet. The similar kesari is made in North India and is called Sooji ka Halwa. Indeed we have a Sooji ka Halwa in Gujarat too. The halwa itself has an earthy colored en…

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5 Easy to Cook Durum Wheat Semolina Recipes

Durum wheat semolina is a light yellow coarse flour. It is partially a hard type of wheat than whole wheat. Durum wheat semolina is also known as sooji, rava, and cream of wheat. Semolina is slightly golden in color than all-purpose flour. It is widely used around the world for making pasta, savorie…

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Know About Enriched Nutritional Facts & Calories of Sooji or Semolina


Sooji is just the Hindi name for semolina. It is also known as rava, wheat cream, etc.

Sooji is basically made by grinding hulled wheat. Semolina is slightly coarse and yellow in color, it is used in several culinary activities. In addition to culinary uses, sooji has numerous health benefi…

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Durum Wheat Origin, Cultivation and Amazing Facts

Durum wheat is one of the vital food crops in the world. It is also the staple food of Africa and certain western and Asian counties. 

Durum wheat is scientifically known as Triticum durum. It is also commonly known as pasta wheat, macaroni wheat, etc. It is the second most cultivated crop after…

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Broken Wheat: Nutritional Components, Benefits, and its Uses

Broken wheat is a whole grain obtained from cracked wheat. Broken wheat is packed with various vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Fiber-rich foods like broken wheat aids in reducing chronic disease risk, promote weight loss and improve digestion and gut health. It is slightly yellow in color with a touc…

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Savory Recipes Using Broken Wheat Daliya

We all crave some appetizers during our evening coffee/tea break. But how many times we have curbed our cravings for our health goals, as most of the appetizers are unhealthy. However, I have the perfect fix for you.

 Boken wheat. Yes, broken wheat, is loaded with nutrients. It is a coarse yellow…

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7 Authentic Recipes Made by Using Broken Wheat Daliya

Broken wheat is made by milling whole raw wheat coarsely. It is also known as bulgar wheat or daliya. Firstly hulled wheat is cleaned and husked. Later it is processed into small coarse pieces of wheat called broken wheat. 

Daliya is rich in dietary fibers, iron, magnesium, protein, and several …

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Know About Difference Between Durum Wheat, Whole Wheat and Broken Wheat

Wheat is one of the most common staples around the globe. The reason that wheat is the most commonly grown crop worldwide is, wheat is cultivated even in adverse environmental conditions. Wheat can be grown all around the year.

There are various kinds of wheat species. Durum wheat, whole wheat, a…

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Mouth Watering South Indian Desserts Made with Kesari Rava

With the festivals around the corner, we are pretty much in a sweet mood composing ourselves and our homes, shopping, and cooking. Speaking of which festivals and special occasions are incomplete without sharing sweet delicacies. In this article, we will share a few mouth-watering south Indian sweet…

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Durum Wheat and it's Pasta Making Properties

Durum wheat is a tetraploid species of wheat. The grains of durum wheat are grounded and made into coarse yellow flour called semolina. Durum wheat is rich in nutrients and fiber. Including a bowl of durum wheat in your daily diet gives you enormous health benefits. Durum wheat is also known as past…

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Instant Helathy Upma Recipe By Using Golden Bansi Product

Upma is a basic South Indian recipe made with semolina, spices, vegetables, and herbs. While most of the Indian breakfast takes a considerable amount of time to cook, Upma tops the list of easy and quick recipes. Upma not only being an instant breakfast, but it is also the healthiest. It is full of …

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