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Interesting and Healthy Broken Wheat Daliya Recipes - Golden Bansi

Broken wheat, also known as cracked wheat, Daliya, Bulgar, Lapsi, Bulgur, etc. is made by milling whole wheat grains. It is high in fiber, low in calories, and very good for weight loss, thus containing all the benefits of wheat flour. 

Broken wheat daliya can be used for making several deliciou…

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Health Benefits of Broken Wheat Daliya - Golden Bansi

For ages, Daliya has been a part of the rich Indian food. Daliya is made from raw wheat kernels that are crushed and known as broken wheat or cracked wheat. It is full of nutrition and easy to digest. It is mostly used to make porridge and is loaded with iron, fiber, and complex carbohydrates, howev…

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What is Durum Wheat and its Benefits - Golden Bansi

Durum is a Latin word that means “hard”, and by hard, it means it has more quantity of resistant starch. It is not only rich in proteins but it also contains various minerals and vitamins essential for the human diet.

It is also known as pasta wheat and macaroni wheat. Durum wheat is exclusivel…

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