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Blog posts February 2020

Rava Kesari – The Famous South Indian Dessert

Rava Kesari is also known as Kesari Bath which is one of the easiest and most famous south Indian dessert made from Semolina/Sooji/Rawa during festivals and special occasions. Rava Kesari has a very soft melt-in-mouth texture. Some people thought that sooji halwa and Kesari Bath are the same. Howeve…

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Semolina: Nutritional Benefits & Its Effects

Are you searching for a healthy substitution for the all-purpose flour? Have you thought about semolina flour? Indeed, semolina flour is the golden-hued coarse flour made from the hard kernels of durum wheat. It is frequently used to make pasta, bread, pizza crust, couscous, and porridge, for exampl…

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