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Blog posts December 2020

5 Easy to Cook Durum Wheat Semolina Recipes

Durum wheat semolina is a light yellow coarse flour. It is partially a hard type of wheat than whole wheat. Durum wheat semolina is also known as sooji, rava, and cream of wheat. Semolina is slightly golden in color than all-purpose flour. It is widely used around the world for making pasta, savorie…

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Know About Enriched Nutritional Facts & Calories of Sooji or Semolina


Sooji is just the Hindi name for semolina. It is also known as rava, wheat cream, etc.

Sooji is basically made by grinding hulled wheat. Semolina is slightly coarse and yellow in color, it is used in several culinary activities. In addition to culinary uses, sooji has numerous health benefi…

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Durum Wheat Origin, Cultivation and Amazing Facts

Durum wheat is one of the vital food crops in the world. It is also the staple food of Africa and certain western and Asian counties. 

Durum wheat is scientifically known as Triticum durum. It is also commonly known as pasta wheat, macaroni wheat, etc. It is the second most cultivated crop after…

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Broken Wheat: Nutritional Components, Benefits, and its Uses

Broken wheat is a whole grain obtained from cracked wheat. Broken wheat is packed with various vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Fiber-rich foods like broken wheat aids in reducing chronic disease risk, promote weight loss and improve digestion and gut health. It is slightly yellow in color with a touc…

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Savory Recipes Using Broken Wheat Daliya

We all crave some appetizers during our evening coffee/tea break. But how many times we have curbed our cravings for our health goals, as most of the appetizers are unhealthy. However, I have the perfect fix for you.

 Boken wheat. Yes, broken wheat, is loaded with nutrients. It is a coarse yellow…

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7 Authentic Recipes Made by Using Broken Wheat Daliya

Broken wheat is made by milling whole raw wheat coarsely. It is also known as bulgar wheat or daliya. Firstly hulled wheat is cleaned and husked. Later it is processed into small coarse pieces of wheat called broken wheat. 

Daliya is rich in dietary fibers, iron, magnesium, protein, and several …

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